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I am a daughter of royal birth

My Father is King of Heaven and Earth

My Spirit was born in the courts on high

A child beloved

 A Princess am I


Montana Medina


Montana, along with her husband Daniel, acquired Ever After Productions in 2019. As owners of the Oldham Theater, Montana Drive In, Capri Theater, as well as involvement in several local business ventures, this sweet family has a true love for children, fairy tales, magic, and giving back to the community. They bring passion and enthusiasm to the company, always excited to share what new opportunities the future holds!


We are blessed by incredible performers who are truly passionate about their craft, with comprehensive backgrounds in theatre, musical performance, and childcare.


Every member of our team undergoes thorough background checks, interviews, and an audition process before they are cast. From our newest performers to our seasoned veterans, we periodically hold trainings and workshops to ensure continuous growth. Through this, we confidently provide the highest quality interactions and performances.

Our performers dedicate time for extensive preparation before every party they attend, studying their character's mannerisms and curating musical cues. The results are simply remarkable!


Our attention to detail is held as the highest priority in all matters. Handmade dresses, stunning make up, gorgeously styled hair-- everything is taken into careful consideration before stepping into your world. You will never find our characters in "Halloween Costume" apparel for two main reasons: 

You deserve the highest quality possible

We take great pride in what we do

What sets us apart from many other companies is our devotion to do all things in love. Our performers spread joy and genuine kindness to everyone they meet, always wishing to leave each place they visit better than when arriving.


As a locally grown company, we labor in love and strive to serve others our very best. We are not only creating cherished memories for you and your child, but also meaningful moments we carry close to our hearts for a lifetime.

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